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      Presto: Cost management software for construction

The first BIM oriented software for estimating that integrates management and cost control for construction and civil works. It covers every stakeholder's necessities in all contruction stages.


     Cost-It: 5D BIM with Presto

Cost-It, the Revit plugin for Presto, generates the bill of quantities and the priced estimate from the information contained in the BIM model, with all the data and specifications required to assign unit prices, prepare tender documents and check the project without delivering the model itself.


      Cost-It: From Revit to Presto and from Presto to Revit

Brief presentation about what you can do with Cost-It, Revit plugin for Presto.


      Catalogue: Reading DWG drawings

What does Presto's Reading DWG drawings module do.




      BIM and Lean Management

Joint ICPMA – CMAS Conference 2015 New Trends in Project Management.
By Fernando Valderrama.


Technical notes


      About international construction price databases

      Estimate alternatives or variants

      Monte Carlo method applied to comparison of tenders in construction projects

     Quick planning using "S" curves and cost based durations

     Quick planning using "S" curves and cost based durations

      Some problems when using Excel for construction cost management

Setup guides & Manuals


     Presto Setup Guide

Instructions on how to install your Presto license.


     Presto Manual

Access the latest Presto Manual in English.


     Excel2Presto Manual

Convert any Excel sheet in a Presto.


     Cost-It Manual

Revit plugin for Presto